Veterinary Urgent care available at Urgent Pet in El Carrito, CA

Veterinary Urgent Care Without the Wait

Welcome to Urgent Pet Animal Hospital. We offer state-of-the-art urgent veterinary medical care by experienced emergency veterinarians. Our vision is to help the many urgent care patients that cannot see their local veterinarian at short notice, but whose only other option is one of the area’s busy Emergency Rooms. There, the patients end up triaged, waiting for hours before even seeing a doctor while the life-threatening emergencies are prioritized. We specialize in urgent care cases, we can focus on giving your pets the medical attention they need, as quickly as possible. We have designed our Urgent Pet hospital from the ground up to create an efficient flow for pets and owners, so less time is spent in the waiting room.

Less Anxiety, Better Care

Urgent care veterinary visits can be an anxious time for both pets and their pet parents. Our hospital has been designed to minimize stress in our patients in numerous ways. For example, our weighing scale is built into the floor so a dog can get her weight measured without even knowing it’s happening! Our housing areas for cats and dogs are separated to minimize sound travel, and our cats enjoy certified fear-free cat condos. Less anxious pets mean better results all round.

Prompt and Professional Urgent Care for Your Pets

Discover the Difference Urgent Pet Can Make

Emergency pet care available in the bay area at Urgent Pet in El Carrito, CA

Committed to Communication

We make the process of communicating your pet’s diagnosis and treatment options as simple and easy-to-understand as possible. You won’t leave our hospital uncertain about why any medical decisions had to be made, or with questions about what happens next. We want you to have a positive experience when you come to us and immediately feel relieved and taken care of.