Urgent Pet Care in El Cerrito, CA

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What is Urgent Pet Care?  

Pet owners whose pets suddenly exhibit symptoms, or are hurt in an accident, have two options: call their regular vet, or go to the emergency room. However, regular vets are typically booked out for weeks, and the emergency room is crowded, so only the most life-threatening conditions are given priority, and pets with serious but non-threatening conditions must wait hours to be seen. That’s where we come in. At Urgent Pet Animal Hospital, we provide urgent pet care in El Cerrito, CA. Our same-day appointment systems mean less waiting around, while our emergency-trained veterinarians and staff can handle many urgent care situations.  

Regular care veterinary practices focus on prevention and wellness, providing services like spaying/neutering, dental care, and age and breed-related wellness exams. Emergency pet care, on the other hand, handles life-threatening injuries and illnesses that require immediate hospitalization. Urgent pet care provides treatment to sick pets who require prompt access to a veterinarian but do not qualify for emergency care. It handles issues that need immediate medical attention but isn’t necessarily life-threatening.

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What Can an Urgent Vet Help With?   

When your pet is sick, injured, or just off enough that you know something isn’t quite right, it can be difficult to tell whether the situation requires urgent or emergency care. Taking your animal into a pet urgent care is important to identify whether a pet needs emergency treatment and when to bring them in for urgent care.   

What are the Signs That Your Pet Needs to See an Urgent Vet?  

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, you need to call Urgent Pet Animal Hospital to schedule a same-day appointment:   

  • Diarrhea   
  • Vomiting   
  • Ingestion of poisons and other toxins   
  • Bite wounds or lacerations  
  • Loss of appetite  
  • Coughing and sneezing  
  • Eye and ear infections  
  • Unexplained lethargy  
  • Fever  
  • Weight loss  
  • Back pain   
  • Acute limping  
  • Consuming a foreign body like a toy, rock, twig, or socks  
  • Abscess  
  • Urinary issues  
  • Allergic reaction  
  • Vehicle accidents  
  • Seizures  

Why Should You Choose Urgent Pet Animal Hospital?  

As an urgent vet hospital, we’re committed to keeping your pet safe. We offer efficient service in a calm environment and provide same-day appointments, which means fewer waiting times. We also have a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest diagnostics and treatment solutions and a team of emergency-trained veterinarians and staff that can handle several urgent pet situations. So even if you arrive with a true emergency case, our hospital has the trained staff and equipment to stabilize your pet before directing you to one of the local emergency rooms if overnight hospitalization is required.  

Learn More About Urgent Pet Care   

At Urgent Pet Animal Hospital, we want your pet to receive the care they need and deserve as soon as possible. We provide same-day appointments in El Cerrito, CA, and doctors and our staff can handle most urgent pet care conditions. Contact us today with any questions.