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Laboratory Services

As veterinarians, we encounter a situation that is truly unique in the medical community. We are presented with patients who are ill but cannot tell us about their illness. We have to rely on the owners for history and clinical signs. Sometimes, the information we do get is biased or not enough, leading us down the wrong path. As a result, diagnostic tests are crucial to our diagnosis. That’s why we offer in-house laboratory testing at Urgent Pet Care.

lab services in El Cerrito, CA

What is a Veterinary Lab?

When your pet comes in for a minor health concern or a serious condition,  the vet will perform a physical exam to observe your pet’s overall condition. While physical exams are important, they can only go so far in determining how healthy your pet is. To get a better understanding of what’s happening internally, a veterinary laboratory is necessary.

Lab testing is a beneficial part of veterinary care because it gives vets access to a wider range of diagnostic tests. This can allow them to detect health issues faster, monitor the progression of diseases more closely, and evaluate the effectiveness of their treatment plans.

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What Types of Veterinary Lab Services are Available for Veterinary Medicine?

At Urgent Pet Care, we’re proud to provide many laboratory services to meet the unique needs of your pet. Some of these include:

  • Blood Work – CBC: Red blood cells carry oxygen to all of the tissues of the body; too many white blood cells can indicate infection, and too few platelets may indicate problems with blood clotting.
  • Blood Chemistry Panel: A chemistry panel typically includes these tests: screening for liver disease, kidney disease, and diabetes mellitus; assessing electrolyte levels such as sodium, potassium, and chloride; evaluating thyroid function; diagnosing adrenal gland diseases, etc.
  • Urine Analysis: Urine analysis reveals quite a bit about your pet’s kidney function,  evidence of urinary crystals, urinary tract infection, or diabetes
  • Fecal Analysis:  At Urgent Pet, we do comprehensive fecal PCR panels to rule out viral, bacterial, and protozoal causes of your pet’s GI issues and intestinal parasites like roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, and whipworm.
  • Cytology: Urgent Pet has a state-of-the-art microscope to examine blood and tissue samples to evaluate abnormal cells and organisms. 
  • Microbiology: This test is important to evaluate various illnesses like resistant urinary infections, ear infections, bite wounds, and lung infections, to name a few.

How are the Samples Collected for the Lab?

How samples are collected for the in-house lab will depend on the test being performed. While some samples can be taken in the vet’s office, such as a routine blood draw. Others may require cooperation from the owner at home, such as collecting a fecal sample to bring into the vet’s office. Your vet will inform you of what steps you should take to get the best sample possible to ensure your pet’s results are clear and accurate. 

How are In-House Lab Samples Processed?

Once laboratory samples have been collected, they are typically processed by technicians. The results of the lab tests are then shared with the veterinarian, who will use the information to develop a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan for the animal.

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No matter your pet’s age, health history, or temperament, they deserve access to quality veterinary care. That’s why the experienced vets and team at Urgent Pet Care are happy to provide various veterinary services, including in-house laboratory services, use progressive techniques, and offer compassionate care in our relaxing office setting.